Rash on Tummy

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I hope someone can help me.  My RikRak has a rash that this morning looks like a burn on his tummy.  He goes to physical therapy every week and his doctor has him on an antibiotic for it.  The doctor thinks it’s from not getting out of the spot quickly enough after he tinkles.  When he is home and not at therapy I wipe his tummy with diaper wipes after every trip to pee.  He also this week developed an abscess right above the elbow on his remaining front leg.  He is also on an antibiotic for that.  Last night it seemed to get huge so I sat with an ice pack on it.  Swelling went down and it eventually burst on its own and he certainly seems to feel better.  It is still draining today, so I’m keeping it clean and as dry as I can.  Any other advice anyone can give me?

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Author: leslye

I live in west Texas with my 6 dogs and 1 cat. One of my precious dogs, RikRak, has had a front leg amputation. At the present time he is taking physical therapy to stimulate the nerve damage on the remaining front paw.

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  1. Best wishes for RikRak! Your future blog posts and pages will publish immediately without requiring moderation.

    You will find much more help and feedback by posting in the discussion forums. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds Resources an assistance programs.

  2. Looks like urine burn just went through this with my puppy. Go to your pharmacy and ask for cloraxadern ( used by humans to scrub before surgery). Do not run but take a cotton ball and dab at it. It will take a week or so. My baby started scratching at it so we had to get a steroid cream. Hopefully this helps.

  3. First off, I want to thank everyone for your concern for my precious boy! I joined a Facebook for handicapped pets and I was clearly an outsider! I was like I was speaking into the abyss when I had questions. So your kindness means the world to me and RikRak!

    The physical therapy clinic I take RikRak to is 100 miles from home, so I take him on Monday mornings early and pick him up each Friday at noon. I heard from his doctor yesterday and he kind of fussed at me for not working with Rik all weekend, because it hurt the progress he has been making. Even so, I feel letting him and that horrible rash rest was the right thing to do!

    The doctor has taken him off all the medication he’s had him on, as he thinks he’s been on it so long it’s not doing as it should. I think that, also, will help clear up the rash.

    I didn’t get a report today, but I have prayed for two days that we are doing the right thing. I know God is listening, because I have a story about that, too! This weekend only my daughter and myself will be home to help Rik practice the wheelchair and whatever else the doctor asks us to do. We are both pretty short, and it’s hard to lift him up and get him in the chair. I woke up this morning with the perfect solution, and I’m positive that came straight from Heaven! To me, it’s a good sign that my RikRak will be okay!

    Once again, I ramble. I apologize! I will keep y’all posted of how my boy is doing this week as soon as I have an update. Again, thank you all for checking!

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